Final project phase 1

The question that you would like to study


Knitting or fiber crafts in general have always been deemed women’s crafts, in a derogatory sense. If this is true that means that women reclaiming knitting or other crafting in a positive sense is a powerful act of feminist retaliation. The question I want to explore more is: how can I combine knitting and technology to further or embolden knitting as an act of feminist retaliation? Specifically using sound as a kind of “highlighter.”

The method/idea that you will engage to study that question

I know that I want to use material studies since I am starting with the idea of knitting (yarn) or fibers in general. I like the idea of working backwards from here since this is all I really have right now. Additionally I would like to incorporate ideas from adversarial or speculative design since I think I would like to main “point” of my design to be more discussion provoking than actual function. I also really enjoyed the Verbeek reading and I like the concept of considering how design my script actions into users, I think it will be important to consider how knitting/crafting already does that and furthermore how my proposed design might do that as well.

Your plan for the two weeks

Focus my idea more. Focus in on the politics I’m addressing more and figure out how I feel/what I want to say about that. I think this means spending my first 6 hours doing a lot of reading and also brainstorming exercises to help me focus as well. My next week will be spent sketching and designing around the idea I formulate, and starting to hone in on exactly which materials (yarns or fabrics) I want to be using.

Short description of how you plan to document the work

I think I will keep physical samples of all of the different materials and prototypes I run into. I also think I want to try to make myself journal and sketch about the different readings I come across when researching knitting and making as I go. If I end up really focusing on the material studies route then I want my final work book to be really tactile and interactive.


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