Course Schedule

theme date class plan
Week 1:
8/28 introductions, admin, and course overview
8/30 reading discussion:
(req) Ann Hamilton. 2009. Making Not Knowing. In Learning mind: experience into art.
Week 2:
Critical Technical Practice
9/4 no class
9/6 reading discussion:
(req) Philip Agre. 1997. Toward a Critical Technical Practice: Lessons Learned in Trying to Reform AI. In Social Science, Technical Systems and Cooperative Work: Beyond The Great Divide 
Week 3:
Reflective Design
9/11 reading discussion:
(req) Phoebe Sengers et al. 2005. Reflective Design.In Proceedings of the 4th Decennial Conference on Critical Computing: Between Sense and Sensibility (CC ’05)(pres: ari + kelsey) Lucian Leahu and Phoebe Sengers. 2014. Freaky: Performing Hybrid Human-machine Emotion. In Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS ’14)
9/13 exercise:
Inverting Metaphors
Week 4:
Politics and Design
9/18 reading discussion:
(req) Langdon Winner. 1980. Do Artifacts Have Politics?(pres: samantha + taylor) Steven J. Jackson and Laewoo Kang. 2014. Breakdown, Obsolescence and Reuse: HCI and the Art of Repair.(CHI ’14)
9/20 exercise:
Misuse Studies
Week 5:
Adversarial Design
9/25 reading discussion:
(req) Carl DiSalvo. 2012. Adversarial Design (Chapter 1 – Design and Agonism)(pres: harry + jennifer) Paul M. Aoki et al. 2009. A Vehicle for Research: Using Street Sweepers to Explore the Landscape of Environmental Community Action.(CHI ’09)
9/27 exercise:
Subversion Exercise
Week 6:
Critical / Speculative Design
10/2 reading discussion:
(req) Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby. 2013. Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming. (Chapter 5 and 6)(pres: jolie) Mark Blythe et al. 2015. Solutionism, the Game: Design Fictions for Positive Aging. (CHI ’15)
10/4 exercise:
Future Product Catalog
Week 7:
Materiality, Action, Perception
10/9 reading discussion:
(req)Peter-Paul Verbeek. 2006. Materializing Morality Design Ethics and Technological Mediation. Science, Technology & Human Values 31, 3: 361–380.(pres: carley) Lisa Koeman et al. 2015. “Everyone Is Talking About It!”: A Distributed Approach to Urban Voting Technology and Visualisations. (CHI ’15)
10/11 exercise:
Perception Studies
Week 8: Material Practice 10/16 (req) Tim Ingold. 2013. Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture.(Chapter 2)

(pres: laura) Laura Devendorf et al. 2016. Probing the Potential of Post-Anthropocentric 3D Printing. (DIS ’16)

10/18 exercise:
Material Studies
Week 9:
Research Through Design
10/23 (req) William Gaver. 2012. What Should We Expect from Research Through Design? (CHI ’12)

(pres: nick v.) Bill Gaver, Tony Dunne, and Elena Pacenti. 1999. Design: Cultural Probes. interactions 6, 1: 21–29.

10/25 exercise:
Course Probe
Week 10: Critical Making 10/30 (req) Garnet Hertz: What is Critical Making?

(pres: nick r.) Andrew Quitmeyer. 2017. The First Hiking Hacks: Exploring Mobile Making for Digital Naturalism. (C&C ’17)

11/1 Final Project Proposal: Phase 1
Week 11:
Communicating Design
11/6 (req) William Gaver. 2011. Making Spaces: How Design Workbooks Work. (CHI ’11)

(pres: hector) Sarah Fox and Daniela K. Rosner. 2016. Extensions from the ‘Field’: Exploring Alternative Methods of Research Communication

11/8 Documentation Studies
Week 12: Bad Design 11/13 (pres: sophia) William Gaver et al. 2009. Anatomy of a Failure: How We Knew when Our Design Went Wrong, and What We Learned from It. (CHI ’09)
11/15 Final Project Phase 1 Workbooks Due
Week 13: Thanksgiving 11/20 no class
11/22 no class
Week 14: Final Project Prep 11/27 Project Work + How to Reference Literature Exercise
11/29 Final Project Phase 2 Due
Week 15:Final Project Prep 12/4 Project Work + Related Projects
12/6 Documenting and Presenting Design Research
Week 16: Final Presentations 12/11 Project Work + Future Inspiration + FCQ
12/13 Final Project Presentation

(req) = required reading by all students in the course
(pres) = is a reading that will be presented by a student. Students will be assigned to present at most one reading during the semester. Assignments will be made in week 2. Other students are welcome to read as they wish.