Inverting Design

My article that I chose was on the future of skyscrapers. It stated that the most efficient design for the future will be wooden structures. These structures will be built in a honeycomb design with wood and glass. They are intended to be incredibly energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing – the article link can be found below. We decided to design an inverted version of this building. Our main focus were to design something that was not aesthetically pleasing, not energy efficient, and also did not have the same transparent feel as the wooden buildings. We used various craft items to design the building below, that gives the ‘viewer’ a very uncomfortable and closed-off feel.

I think this exercise showed us how thinking of anti-design can help bring new perspectives and ideas to the table but does not always provide with a sensible final product. The process of anti-design helps expose what one shouldn’t do and also can help uncover ideas that may help the designer cater their product to a wider audience.

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