My three probes were: a) Draw one of these: a rose, a golden retriever, a vw beetle. b) draw your childhood blanket or stuffed animal. c) shuffle your ipod and write down the first three songs that come up.

Photo on 10-25-17 at 10.13 AM #3Photo on 10-25-17 at 10.13 AM #2Photo on 10-25-17 at 10.13 AMPhoto on 10-25-17 at 10.12 AM

For the song reply the person listen the three songs all of which are relatively contemporary, but they include both rap and alternative rock, which is an interesting mix.

For the stuffed animal/blanket probe they drew a dog.

And for the drawing probe they drew several roses.

The responses were as I expected I think this was my probes were pretty bland and so there wasn’t a lot for the person to work with, I didn’t leave a lot of room for creativity or introspection. I think the drawing one was the most telling because it most likely reflected because I tried to pick things that most people would have drawn as a child and haven’t drawn since and I really enjoyed seeing all of the different ways the person drew a rose. I think you can also make some speculations based on gender of lifestyle based on which object the person drew.

I unfortunately lost the drawing of my design sketch but it luckily wasn’t very visual. I really liked the idea of drawing these kind of elementary school icons and tried to run with that. Early education is a time where everyone is frequently doing art and they’re kind of unaware of the concepts of it being “good” or “bad” or even realistic. Kids seem to be super okay with getting their ideas out onto paper and not worrying about the quality of the drawing. This kind of mentality seems like it would be massively beneficial to adult creativity as well, but it’s much harder for adults to move past the insecurity…so i thought let’s make a newsletter daily or weekly in which a random child’s artwork or written story is sent out and adult person interprets and analyzes that child’s art and extracts a prompt from it, using the child’s art as the example. 567956a5e83cecb5eade054c2571572b--scary-fish-art-art

This kiddo art project is actually super sick and probably a nice creative prompt for tons of people out there but by using the kid example instead of an adult example it takes the pressure off.


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