Wearable Self Defense

My catalog is Athleta, a women’s active clothing catalog

I modified the catalog to feature wearable self defense tech for women.

  • smart undergarments
    • Underwear that can only be removed by wearer
    • Bra that has a gps locator and help button
  • Thief-proof purse, gps/cut proof fabric/help button


I created a fictional, dystopian universe in which crimes against women were not taken seriously by law enforcement at all which is really more of an exaggeration of reality than a fiction. Either way, it was a universe in which women had to “protect themselves” through being more modest but also employing personal security technologies. I sarcastically made comments of the clothing being modest or shoes being good for running. This was designed to reflect on the idea that most women when catcalled or even assaulted are told that they need to “use the buddy system,” “dress to not draw attention” etc. Is it fair to give such advice or should the discourse be more focused on societal change? In all reality this exercise helped me to see both sides, I was already more partial to the idea that the idea of women having to protect themselves and put up with these problems was unfair. But I actually do think that part of the positive and necessary societal change would be through women being able to protect themselves better, possibly with tech like this. If we make women less vulnerable, we empower them and maybe that empowerment is where ideological change can come from. If I had more time I would have liked to think about the actual technology a little more, most of what I was able to come up with in this amount of time already exists, maybe not in wearable form, but these aren’t far fetched ideas. It would be nice to dream of crazier designs like laser shooter lipstick spy gadget things and what not.


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