Do Not Duplicate Key

For my authoritative technology I chose my house key, which has the words “Do Not Duplicate” printed on it. At first I thought this was a passive way of enforcing this desire, but it actually makes it pretty difficult to get a key made without going out of the way..I reimagined this key by trying to make this design more democratic, as in designing a compromise between the two main parties involved: tenant and landlord. img_2312.jpg

In the drawing above, you can see how all of the moving parts connect. Tenant, landlord, etc. I wanted to design something that was reusable, easy to use, and allowed for transparency. Thus I came up with a fob key, that allowed for it to be given a unique code. This code could be erased by the tenant at any time and reset. Theoretically this ket would be secure, so it couldn’t be duplicated. For example, if you had a significant other and gave them the key and then had a messy breakup, you could just wipe the key from your phone. The landlord would be able to view who currently has key access and reset the keys at the end of lease to make sure that no one is left with access to the unit. This accounts for most of the safety issues I thought of when considering key duplication. This leaves locksmiths and other key makers out of the picture so they don’t have to assume any responsibility for potential problems. And allows the tenant more freedom and convenience.


The key would also have an interface that communicated to the borrower what their “status” was. As in if they needed to return the key etc.

I was trying to think outside of the app realm. But ideally, this idea wouldn’t need a fob key and the unique key codes could be sent to phones which would act as they key. This would have added benefits because if you needed to remotely allow someone access to your place and then later be sure that they no longer have access, you could simply send the code to their phone and later wipe it.


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